Rear Side(RS)

Why Rear Side (RS) Bus Ads?

RS Ads are a fantastic way to reach people traveling in their cars as well as pedestrians on busy downtown sidewalks. Placing your campaign on the backs of moving buses enables your targets time to read your message.

Inexpensive rates and low costs to produce RS bus ads offer your campaign greater reach and frequency throughout the entire market area.

Potential customers are spending more and more time in their cars and sitting in traffic. RS bus signs give your campaign the opportunity to target that receptive audience with an impactful message directly in their line of sight!

  • Targets drivers and passengers all times a day.
  • Heavy message saturation during rush hours.
  • Longer read times to get your message across.

Why GTSC Advertising?

Bus advertising offers advertisers a high impact, fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting a broad audience with an in-you-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

Bus ads are highly effective for achieving most marketing goals like announcing new products, seasonal special and general branding. Bus Ads capture consumers’ attention so they act upon a particular promotion immediately. Bus Ads also build familiarity with your brand, so customers will think of you when making purchasing decisions.