GTSC Tickets & Smart Card Advertising

With GTSC Ticket and Smart Card Advertising, you are placing your company’s message directly into the hands of your customer.
Every day, thousands of passengers use our buses to travel across the length and breadth of The Gambia-from Banjul to Basse and Barra to Laminkoto.

Smart Card & Ticket Adverts

Smart Card & Ticket  Advertising allows you to reach and engage potential customers. Having an incentive printed on our tickets and giving these out to customers in the form of coupon code makes a shopper more inclined to visit your premises.


The great benefit of using GTSC Ticket and Smart Card Advertising for your promotion is that it is totally adaptable and bespoke to your business. Whether you are a national corporation or a local business, our campaigns can be tailored to reach a local or national demographic. We have a range of campaign lengths and with the ability to run up to 6 adverts at once, you can be sure that your message, incentive or promotions campaign has been tailored to benefit the specific requirements of your company. GTSC Ticket Advertising is very cost effective and we have a range of flexible pricing and payment options available to ensure that this great advertising resource is open to all.
GTSC Ticket and Smart Card Advertising offer a fantastic return on investment, and if you are not using this avenue as part of your advertising, there is a good chance that your competitors would. Campaigns can be tailored to fit into seasonal events, so they’re always relevant and directly hits your target audience.
Targeted Advertising = Smart Advertising!
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