Curb Side(CS)

Curb  Side (CS) Ads offer you the biggest exposure for your money. With the lowest Cost per minute (CPM) than virtually any other media, CS signs offer our clients the ability to maximize their exposure, reach and frequency  by serving as a mobile billboard thus carrying your ad from passenger to passengers and from place to place.

Why CS Bus Ads?

CS Ads offer a large, bold platform to project your message on the curb side of the bus. Placing your message on the side of the bus gives you the ability to target both pedestrians as well as people driving or riding in their cars.

With inexpensive monthly rates and low cost to produce, these Ads signs offer your campaign outstanding reach and frequency throughout the entire target market as they place your campaign directly at eye level and at a size of over 40”x 200” they demand attention from your audience. They offer the following unique advantages:

  • Targets riders that enter and exit the bus
  • Targets Cross Traffic
  • Excellent option for small and large businesses
  • Tiered rate structure fits any size marketing plan and budget.

Bus advertising with our CS Ad option is an ideal way to project your message throughout the entire target market.

Multiple CS packaging options allow you to reach the entire market with your bus advertising campaign while simultaneously targeting shopping areas, residential as well as all other high traffic commercial areas of the market multiple times each day across The Gambia!

Driver Side (DS) bus ads are ideal for targeting your message to the thousands of cars and pedestrians throughout the market. Additionally their curb side location gives you a great opportunity to project your message to the thousands of daily bus riders that enter and exit the bus multiple times hourly.

Why Use GTSC Advertising

Bus advertising offers advertisers a fiscally efficient advertising medium targeting a broad audience with an in-your-face message that is seen consistently throughout the campaign. Because of the movement of the buses, people are compelled to look at your larger-than-life advertisement and remember it!

Bus ads are highly effective for achieving most marketing goals like announcing new products, seasonal specials and general branding. Bus ads capture consumers’ attention so they act upon a particular promotion immediately. Bus ads also build familiarity with your brand, so customers will think of you when making purchasing decisions.